Add a little TENSION to your life!

I know. You are thinking I am crazy! Who needs added tension?

Well, maybe you do! Or maybe just a few tension rods.

Tension rods are inexpensive and come in many sizes which makes them a perfect way to organize some clutter.

They are great for organizing cabinets and drawers! Keep your cookie sheets and cutting boards more accessible by stacking them in slots rather then pulling out an entire pile to get the one you need.

If your family loves to take their shoes off and leave them in a pile by the door (let me know how you taught them that), or if you are a shoe girl, like me…this next one is a great idea!


This keeps shoes organized….

as well as dry and free from additional scuffs. It also makes it quick and easy for you to find the perfect pair!

Keep your jewelry, scarves and neckties untangled, unwrinkled and easily accessible!

They are great in the bathroom for kids toys and beauty products.

But they are not just functional organization. I love a kitchen window but don’t like things sitting on the window sill. Hang your plants in the kitchen window and you can have fresh herbs all year round!


I love this fruit and vegetable holder! Get some colorful plates from the thrift store and this makes a unique way to keep your fruits and veggies!


Last, but maybe most important….SAFETY.

A tension rod in a sliding glass door can keep strangers out and curious toddlers in!

They are great to keep around, just incase you have unexpected youngsters or canine visitors.

They are great in a pinch for baby (pet) gates, baby proofing drawers and cabinets, and make really cool forts!

Make sure you check back for more great ideas and if you need a little more organization than a tension rod can offer, give us a call!


Deborah Gregory