Find your Perfect Balance — just as these clients did

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Now I can focus on sales


Perfect Balance is a blessing from God for me. They keep me updated at all times on where I am with my business revenue. Working with Perfect Balance bookkeepers has lifted so much work from me and lets me work on sales, quotes, and invoicing. I absolutely love their service.

James T.

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Bookkeeping plus patience and everything in between

As the owner of a small business established 16 years ago, I appreciate and rely upon the bookkeeping services of Perfect Balance.  Jessie has been a patient instructor for my penchant for understanding the process of QuickBooks Online.  I highly recommend Perfect Balance for its integrity, expertise, and dependability.

Dawn B.

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Can you go to Massachusetts with us?

With 50 years of collected items, a cross country move ahead, and age and health issues, we needed help. Perfect Balance came to the rescue. Renee helped us develop a master plan for the sorting, packing and moving. She arranged for furnishings donations, shredding, and recycling. Then Monica stepped in. She helped us understand the process needed to complete the move to a much smaller home. Without Monica’s extraordinary planning skills and her patience, we would not have finished this move.

My only wish presently, is that Monica would be in Massachusetts to help us at this end. 

Leon and JoAnne M. 


I've sent pictures to almost everyone I know

My home office is small and I accumulate a lot of items…I felt overwhelmed by how to begin.  When I booked the appointment with Monica, I felt a sense of relief. Working with her has been easy and enjoyable.  She is positive and non-judgmental – great qualities for someone digging around in your “mess.”  She helped me select low-cost storage, measure for the best fit, and purge. It’s much easier to keep my office tidy now that everything has a place. It saves me time and money.  I've sent pictures to almost everyone I know!

Thank you!  

Sherry J., Account Manager 


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From disaster zone to my productive home office

Before Monica came to help me, I felt like my home office was a bit of a disaster zone with piles of papers, and lots of items – all disorganized. Now, everything has its own place.  Monica was really great about helping me figure out what things should be the most accessible and what could be stored away.  I actually look forward to enjoying time in my home office and will be much more productive!

Cindy H.