Find your Perfect Balance — with our Professional Services programs

We are proud to provide Professional Services programs for our clients. As they prepare for future growth and seek to remain agile, our clients call on us to develop and deliver professional development programs. This service is one of the newest here at Perfect Balance. We're pleased to share that the programs we have presented to date have been well received.

Some examples of our custom clients programs include:

  • Customer service strategy and coaching for a pharmaceutical company

  • A team development program for a newly promoted manager and her team 

  • Professional development and speaker programs for a university 

  • Leadership development for small business owners

  • A program on customer experience for our own team

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Our programs

We provide professional consulting and coaching services:

  • Presentation Coaching

  • Communication Training

  • Team Development Programs

  • Professional Presentations

We collaborate with our Personal Assistant colleagues to provide essential services to busy professionals:

  • Slide presentations

  • Copywriting for presentations, web pages, blogs, and articles

  • Editing services

  • Administrative support for small businesses

We provide engaging speakers for a variety of campus, corporate, and community events on these topics:

  • Communication Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership Skills

  • Organizing Strategies

  • Time Management Skills

  • Work-Life Balance

Have you and your team identified areas of opportunity for professional development? We will gladly speak with you to explore options through our Professional Services programs. Here's what a leader in a pharmaceutical company shared after participating in one of our programs in preparation for a major presentation:

Thank you so much! I feel really good about my presentation. 
There is not a font big enough or bold enough to type the words THANK YOU.