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It is a pleasure to share my story and introduce our team.

Jessie Bennington: Owner and President
Certified Quickbooks Pro-Advisor
Member, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
Jewelry Designer 

Our beginnings

My passion is serving others and helping them find balance in their lives. Perfect Balance grew out of my desire to support my clients and to create a team of professionals who share my passion for service to clients and the community.

My husband Glenn and I have built Perfect Balance (formerly LFC, Inc.) around providing personal and professional services to clients. The business has grown to include professional organizing, bookkeeping, personal assistance, PC support, home management, concierge services, and moving support. The Perfect Balance Team brings a diverse set of skills and each team member is accomplished in their area of specialty, with hundreds of hours helping clients to achieve their goals.

My "Perfect Balance" is found when I am spending time with Glenn and our family, reading, being at the beach, and creating jewelry. 

Growing the team

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have team members who share my love of caring for people — several of whom have been with me over 10 years. With this team, we now offer services for your personal life and your professional life. Our goal at Perfect Balance is to be your one-stop service provider for organizing your life and balancing your success.

Watching our clients blossom

We are very proud of the relationships we've built with our clients — and even prouder of the way they're blossoming and having more balance in their lives. Our clients are people just like you...organizations just like yours...

  • Individuals and families 

  • Small business owners

  • Early career professionals

  • People returning to careers

  • Rapid growth businesses

  • Churches

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Children of clients

  • Corporate teams

  • Senior-level executives

  • People with special needs

  • Those we serve to "Give Back"

How may we be of service to you? 

We would welcome an opportunity to learn more about you and how we may be of service. Please call us or send a note so we may schedule your complimentary initial consultation. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Perfect Balance. 

Jessie Bennington
President and Owner


Meet our team

Meet the people who will bring more balance to your life.

We will be coming into your homes, your businesses, and into your lives,
so we would like for you to get to know us.  

We are all committed to the highest standards of professionalism and look forward
to the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with you.


Deborah Gregory


Glenn Bennington
Household Manager
Personal Assistant

Glenn joined his wife Jessie at the helm of Perfect Balance in 2006. Glenn’s expertise is home management. He will take care of your home, set up, maintain and repair your home computers and other electronics, and perform any variety of handyman tasks.

His years of experience with computers make him a natural with your home systems. Take the stress out of setting up that new PC, running maintenance programs or fixing what doesn’t work. Glenn will also set up, move or reconnect your sensitive electronic equipment.

Glenn’s easy-going personality makes him a joy to have working around your house, managing the odd jobs which can easily take up your free time. He is professional and very thorough.

Glenn lives in Hillsborough. He grew up near the beaches of Florida where he enjoyed surfing and diving. He finds "Perfect Balance" when he's with his family, spending time with his grandson, and enjoying quiet time at the beach.

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Al Bumpus

Al joined the Perfect Balance team in 2016, from Virtual Office America.  He brings with him over 30 years of bookkeeping experience.  His eye for detail and knowledge of accounting are an asset for his specific business clients and all of Perfect Balance’s business and personal clients.

Al supports a variety of clients including for-profit and non-profit businesses; small and mid-sized businesses, as well as individuals.  He brings a solid knowledge of accounting and good relationships with CPA’s to our team and to the benefit of the clients he supports.  Al also works with clients on their grand accounting and reporting.

In addition to bookkeeping, Al has worked as a CPA at a Big 8 Accounting firm, as well as a Controller.

Al enjoys supporting his clients. "It’s always a pleasure to see how we can make our clients' businesses and lives operate more smoothly by getting their financial books in order.” 

Al and his wife have three grown children between them and they enjoy their "Perfect Balance" is found when spending time with their grandchildren.  Al is an avid sports watcher, golfer, and Baseball memorabilia collector.

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Deborah Gregory
Executive Administrator

Deborah joined Perfect Balance in 2016 to provide administrative support to our Team as well as our clients. She manages projects for clients with a complex array of company profiles and assists the Perfect Balance bookkeepers with fund and data base management.

Deborah provides for our clients the same support that an in-house Executive Assistant would provide. She manages projects -- both large and small -- to help our clients achieve balance in their personal and professional lives.

Deborah has a wealth of previous experience working as a PR, Marketing and Event Organization executive, managing accounts of large European companies for a UK based PR firm. She has also worked as an executive assistant for the Director of Design for a London based contemporary home retailer. Her experience in these areas are carried forward into the services she carries out for Perfect Balance clients.

Deborah finds her "Perfect Balance" when spending time in the garden of her Durham home, walking her dog, and being busy with her new venture as an amateur beekeeper. She also stays busy keeping her two teenage children and husband organized.

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Gwendolyn Keith
Professional Assistant
Personal Assistant

Gwendolyn’s passion is helping people live fulfilled lives and focus on what matters most to them.  She knows what time means to busy people and assists in handling life’s business with kind care and efficiency.  Gwendolyn can relate to her clients and their need for balance:  She raised two children while operating a farm and working for non-profit organizations. She has coordinated a university research program and ran a consulting and coaching business.

Additionally, Gwendolyn applies her degree in Human Development and training in therapeutic coaching to assist clients in times of emotional transitions, including death of a loved one, divorce, illness, career changes, and big moves, particularly downsizing.  Clients who want to clear their closets of clothes and accessories that no longer serve them will appreciate Gwendolyn's experience as an image consultant.

Gwendolyn's service to clients is based on this philosophy: “When we release things that don’t fit or things that hold difficult memories for us, we make space for the new and inspiring to show up in our lives.”

Gwendolyn received her BA in Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton College, and her Masters in Human Development from St. Mary’s University, both in Minnesota.  She is also a Certified Therapeutic and Somatic Coach and a Certified Trauma Professional working to help people release trauma and challenging emotional responses.

Her "Perfect Balance" is found when she puts her energy into the following causes: Compassionate divorce and co-parenting, healthy food access for under-served communities, sustainability and agro-ecology, and work with global communities.

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Lydia Thomas
Personal Assistant

Lydia spent over six years in housekeeping at the prestigious Arrowhead Inn Bed & Breakfast, where she moved up to Lead Housekeeper, before coming to work for Perfect Balance clients.  Lydia’s work at the Inn exemplified the highest standards, adhered to with a very personal touch. Now, she uses the same standards of perfection on her clients’ homes and offices.  Lydia is meticulous in her cleaning but that’s not all she does.  Her goal is to create a more pleasant environment for her clients by cleaning, performing daily organizing tasks, and generally leaving the place more orderly.  She gets to know her clients' standards and preferences so that she can work proactively.

Lydia also assists clients with small household chores, errands and projects.  “I want to do whatever it takes to make my clients smile when they get home at the end of the day.” 

Having Lydia's energy in your home or office will immediately bring about a sense of balance, calmness, and serenity.

Lydia's "Perfect Balance" is found during her spare time -- especially when she's gardening and crafting.  She has lived in the Durham area for over 20 years and is an active member of the Rougemont community -- she is a member of the Rougemont Ruritan Club, the Homemaker’s Extension Club and is actively involved in her church.

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Patty Taylor
Sales Associate, 
Community Concierge Programs

Patty has joined the Perfect Balance team to head up the Corporate Concierge Services we now offer.  Her goal with this new project is to provide concierge and personal assistant services to individuals seamlessly through their living communities.  Patty builds relationships with property managers so that tenants can access our services with little additional effort.  This type of relationship building is natural for Patty who has been in sales for the last 30 years.

For the past 10 years, Patty has been in Real Estate sales and Property Management.  She knows the Triangle market well and thoroughly enjoys working with people to help them find their place in the area she calls home.

“I look forward to offering a broad scope of concierge services and bringing communities together with Perfect Balance. Our Perfect Balance Concierge motto is If it’s on your list, it’s on our list and we truly mean it.” 

Patty finds "Perfect Balance" in her role when she knows that she has met and exceeded her clients' expectations. 

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Renee Staehle
Productivity Organizer
Training Manager

Renee has long had a passion for organizing and has been fortunate to be able to fine-tune her business organizing skills through a variety of career positions over the years. Prior to becoming a professional organizer, Renee had a successful career in public relations — managing print and electronic publishing and special events and working as a free-lance writer. She earned a Master's degree in business and communication from Syracuse University. 

Since joining Perfect Balance in 2006, Renee has served non-profits, small business owners and those with at-home offices, as well as individuals in their homes. She is especially adept at helping clients through transitions in their lives -- moving, changes in business structure or family life, and new businesses. 

She is skilled with paper and electronic filing systems, office efficiency, time management and space organization. Renee enjoys working on organizational projects with adults or teens. “My goal with clients is to organize for a more peaceful environment and to take away the pressure that feeling disorganized brings — either at work, at home or both.”

Renee finds her "Perfect Balance" in nature where she enjoys hiking and kayaking -- as well as spending time with family and friends. “With a family of my own and several four-legged friends, I know how busy life can get.  I came to this career to achieve more balance in my life. And I try to accomplish the same thing for clients.”

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Sherry Hill

Administrative Assistant

Sherry serves as bookkeeper to small business owners and oversees a variety of office management tasks including collections, data entry, and payroll. She handles the “behind the scenes” details allowing her clients' businesses to flourish. Many of Sherry’s clients also use her services for their personal finances.

Her prior work background is in data entry, including several years as a supervisor at Duke University. She started running the administrative end of her husband’s business in order to spend more time with her family. She has worked with him for over 20 years, running a home building, cabinet building and rental property business.

“I enjoy learning about our clients’ businesses while helping them move forward. I also enjoy working in our office. It is especially rewarding to solve problems for our clients and see jobs through to completion.” Sherry works out of the Perfect Balance offices as well as on-site at clients’ businesses.

Sherry and her husband live in Durham. Her two sons are grown; one of them lives in Chicago, the other lives here in Durham. Sherry enjoys "Perfect Balance" when she is with her four grandchildren, knitting, painting glass, and swimming.

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Perfect Balance website - Sunflower.png

The Sunflowers

Sunflowers are my favorites. You will notice them throughout the website. Sunflowers are full of life -- just like the members of our Perfect Balance Team.  They represent longevity and loyalty. That is a reminder of our business -- we're celebrating 20 years and I am more committed than ever to our loyal clients. 

We invite you to visit us in Durham where you will notice sunflowers featured throughout our office as well. 

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